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Roof Replacement Auckland

Roof replacement is the process of removing an existing roof and installing a new one. This is typically done when a roof has reached the end of its lifespan, or when significant damage has occurred that cannot be repaired. This process involves several steps, including a thorough inspection of the existing roof, removal of the old roofing materials, installation of new underlayment, and then installation of the new roofing materials.

Our re-roofing Auckland will usually recommend this service if the damage is too severe. Sometimes, it is more practical to replace an entire roof system than repair, especially when the latter is more costly.

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What are the steps involving in Auckland Re-Roofing?

We will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the extent of the damage and the condition of the underlying structure. This will help determine if a full replacement is necessary, or if repairs can be made.

Existing roofing materials are removed and disposed of properly. This can include removing old shingles, tiles, or metal roofing panels.

Old materials are removed, a new layer of underlayment is installed to protect the roof deck from water damage. The underlayment is then covered with the new roofing materials, which can include asphalt shingles, metal panels, or other types of roofing materials.

Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement

  1. Your roof has aged.  If your roof is more than 20 years old and has been experiencing problems, it may be time to consider a roof replacement.
  2. Damaged or missing shingles. If you notice that your shingles are curling, cracking, or missing altogether, it may be a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life.
  3. There are water stains on your ceiling, walls, or in your attic, it may be a sign that your roof is leaking and needs to be replaced.
  4. You can see visible damage to your roof, such as cracks, holes, or dents, it may be time to consider a roof replacement.
  5. Your energy bills are higher than usual, it may be a sign that your roof is not properly ventilated, which can lead to increased energy costs.
  6. Your roof deck is sagging or showing signs of rot. When your roof is rotting, it could be due to corroded materials. Regardless, it is good to have your roof assessed by professional roofers in West Auckand to ensure that you get the best advice.
  7. There is an excessive amount of roof granules in your gutters. This may be a sign that your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan.
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